Sunday, September 4, 2011

Time is Flying

Macie rolled over from back to front on her exact 3 month day. She didn't just roll over once but 4 times with in 30mins. Now she is so fast as rolling over. She enjoys being on her tummy here and there. She loves to roll more. I can sit on the floor with her and help her roll tummy to back for easily 30mins.

Haley loves to jump and walk up and town stairs. I would love to put her in a gymnastics class or a dance class. I will have to wait until she is older.

Ryan isn't feeling good and is in total pain right now. I feel so bad for him. I hope he gets better soon.

I am just hanging in there. Can't wait for my sister to visit me this weekend!!! I am so excited!! It's going to be a blast!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


We have all been sick and still are sick!! Haley got some form of something with a fever and diarrhea.  When she got over that Me and Macie got Hand, Foot, and Mouth virus. When we got better from that we all got COLDS! This is so awesome!! I am glad Ryan took a sick day on Friday because we were all sick! I got to finally get some rest!!!

Here are some pictures of my feet when I got hand, foot, and mouth virus!

My feet hurt the worst!!!!!! Walking on blisters! No Fun!!

Color's and Circle's!

Haley is so smart. We have been reading books that talk about shapes and colors.  We have been talking about colors while she colors pictures and I have been tracing her fingers over different shapes.

  This morning she got out one of my dice games that has a different color on each side. She came over to me and I showed her how each side has a different color. How you can role the dice and name the color. Well, she was having tons of fun with that. Telling me blue, yellow, purple, green, orange, and red. She is becoming a pro on her colors.

Then right after breakfast that Ryan made (sausage, eggs, and hash browns yummy) Haley showed me a role of masking tape and was following me around the house telling me "circle."

She had found a circle not in a book but in "real life." How fun is that! She is so cute!!

Mommy I found a Circle!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Four days of rest and then. . . .

After I had Macie Thursday night at 6:05pm we stayed in the hospital until Saturday until about 2 pm or so. Sunday I didn't make it to church. Ryan stayed with me because I needed a little help still. Monday was a holiday and Tuesday Ryan started his new job. That left me home watching a very new newborn and an eighteen month old all by myself. I couldn't pick up my 18 month old because I had a second degree tare and if I did I would most likely tear my stitches.  Tuesday started out being a hard day. I didn't get much sleep at all the night before. I was trying to let Ryan sleep as much as possible considering he was starting a new position the next day.
   Macie was a sleep and Haley woke up for the morning. I went and got Haley. I took her potty, we washed her hands, and I got her breakfast. She had to sit at the little table because I couldn't pick her up to put her in the highchair. Right after I got Haley her breakfast I heard Macie. I went to get her. While I was changing her diaper I heard "clang, clang!." I hurried and finished putting a fresh diaper on Macie and ran into the kitchen. To my horror and surprise I found Haley standing on the dish-washer clanging two steak knifes together. (She is soooo dangerous) With a newborn in one arm I helped Haley put the knifes in the dish washer and get off of the dish washer. What a start to a morning.
  I wish I would of blogged this day earlier because I really can't remember the details after that. I know that by 11am I was calling Ryan up in tears and asking him if he was going to come home for lunch. He did make it home for lunch and that re-set my day.  I did have a better afternoon. The week seemed to drag on.  I was always very happy when Ryan could come home for lunch or my mom coming over after work until Ryan got home, or my sister coming over on Friday to give me some help!
  If Ryan wasn't starting a new position then he would of taken off to help me. I made it through and now the good thing is that we have the vacation we saved up for when the baby was born to use when Macie gets blessed. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Macie is here!

I am so glad to say that I was able to deliver Macie Vaginally! Haley was born via C-section so this one was a V-BAC! (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). The road to get my V-BAC wasn't an easy one. I went to my OB Doctor that delivered Haley and asked him if he did V-BAC's and he said yes. That we would continue to talk about it. If this baby's heart beat dropped then I would get another C-section. I am totally fine with a C-section if the purpose is to save the Mother or the Baby's life. Every appointment he would ask me if I still wanted to V-BAC and I would tell him yes. We kept seeing each other. The week before my 35 week appointment I felt like I should change doctors. I thought to myself I can't change doctors because I am so far along. I will change after I have this baby. I didn't like his new nurse so I placed my desire to get a new OB based on the nurse.
  Then in my 35 week appointment my doctor said that we really needed to talk about this. I was like okay. He got out a paper with the risk's of doing a V-BAC and told me horror stories about mother's and babies dieing and uterus exploding and such.  Then proceeded to tell me that he is only on call once every six weekends. That his weekend that he was on call was this coming weekend and the next one would be in the middle of June. My due date was May 29th.  Then he told me the the ON CALL doctors don't do V-BAC's and if I were to go in after hours then I would have to get an automatic C-section. I told him that no doctor can make someone have a C-section. You have to sign paperwork for that. That I would just ask for a hospital doctor instead. He told me if I didn't agree to have an automatic C-section then he really considering DROPPING me at a patient. He said that would be putting his on call doctors in a predicament. That wasn't FAIR TO THEM. Wasn't fair to THEM huh? What about the person sitting right in front of you wanting to V-BAC the whole time. What kind of a predicament are you putting her in by saying she has to agree to get cut open for no medical reason.
  He further told me he hadn't V-BACed anyone in 2 years and the person he did V-BAC they had previously V-BACed twins with another doctor and before that he didn't do V-BAC's at all. I asked him if he would go on special ON CALL for me. He said that's not how it works. Then I asked him to call up his colleges and ask them if they would do a V-BAC for me. He wouldn't call and ask them. He just told me it wasn't safe. What he meant to say was it isn't convenient!
  He said that if I wanted to V-BAC I would need to been induced to make sure he was there. Anyone who has read ANYTHING on V-BAC's knows that inducing a birth is like a quick ticket to an second C-Section.
     I left the office feeling trapped and pushed into a corner. If he would of only told me that he doesn't do V-BAC's in the beginning. That is nothing that he is comfortable with. Then I would of happily said Thank you for delivering Haley but I am going to have to find a different Dr for this baby. We would of parted on great terms.  Now, I was 35 weeks and I didn't know what to do. Luckily, I posted my frustration on Facebook. I was referred to a person who referred me to the UNT Midwives. I called and they took me in. They accepted my insurance and I continued my birth plan with them. I felt so good about the decision! It was awesome! The office staff was happy and the midwifes were happy. They all treated me like their best friend. They took me under their wing! I was excited again to press forward with my birth plan. No Automatic C-section!
   I started having contractions on Sunday the 24th here and there. When I went to my Midwife appointment on Tuesday they said the baby was really low and my cervix was really soft. They scraped my membranes and told me they didn't think I would make it past tonight. Well, Wednesday morning at 3am I had a SUPER painful contraction. It woke me up and knocked my socks off. My dear sweet mother came over and slept in my bed so I could let Haley sleep in her bed so I could go to the hospital. Well, I got there and they hooked me up and I was having contractions and the baby's heart beat wasn't dropping. I was still only a 2 so they sent me home. Then Thursday morning I woke up having contractions and I started timing them. They went from 10 mins apart to 6 mins apart to 3 mins apart all in 4 hours. I called to see if I should come in. They said are you timing the length of your contractions? I was like OH I didn't know that. They had to last a min too. Well, they were only lasting between 30-55 seconds (the painful part). I thought that it wasn't labor yet. Then everything stopped for like 1 hour and I took a nap. Then I woke up to another painful contraction. We started timing them and they were close together but not the right length. Then I noticed that my stomach area would stay tight longer then the pain. So I called to see if the length part included the unpainful  part of just having a tight stomach. The answer was yes! They told me I could go into maternal observation if I wanted to get checked. I said I wasn't going to go right now but maybe later. I wanted to time the length for an hour. I kept on having gaps in time and intensity and such and it just wasn't working for me. Then at around 11:40 or so I had a super painful contraction that was so bad I was like this HAS to be LABOR even if the time is off. I called my Mom and  she left work and came over to my house. Haley was napping so I didn't have to wake her up. I got to the hospital and they checked me and I was a SEVEN!
   It was labor the whole time! Yay! I was moving on to the Labor and Delivery Floor! The baby's heart beat was staying constant even through the most painful contractions! I was so proud of her! Way to take the contractions! I was going to go natural because if I wanted a V-BAC my chances of it being a success increase without drugs of any kind. I was breathing and making it through. After they decided to break my water my contractions were longer, stronger, and on top of each other. I was getting light headed and I felt like my body was so weak. At 5pm I asked my nurse if it was too late to get an epidural. She said it wasn't too late. Then I asked my midwife if she thought it was okay if I got one. She said that she thinks it would be a good idea. To help my body relax and breathe. She told me if you are going for a V-BAC it isn't good to get one in the beginning stages of labor. I was in transition and that is a good time to get one. I did and let me tell you I loved it. My body was still pumping out the contractions and I went from a 7 to a 10 and had the baby in an hour! That's how well my body was feeding me contractions! Macie Makenzie was born at 6:05pm! We are so happy to have her in our family!
   The recovery has been night and day when comparing to a C-section. I could walk that same night I delivered Macie. I could hold my baby right after delivery!  With a C-section your arms are tied down. You get to watch everyone hold your baby first. Macie was able to hang out with us almost the entire time at the hospital. She only left maybe four times and she came back with in 30-45mins each time. It was a totally different experience and I would choose a vaginal delivery over a C-section any day of the week.

We love you little Macie!! Welcome to our family!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Makes a Pregnant Lady Smile!

There are lots of things that make a pregnant lady smile. My friend had her little baby yesterday. Our due dates were only 2 days apart. She had to go early.  Seeing her baby makes me so incredibility happy inside. I love love love her and I love that her baby is healthy.

I also love it when my husband calls me on the phone just to tell me he can't wait to meet our future daughter and now he is really starting to get exciting because it's getting close. Sometimes he just looks at me and smiles and says, "It's getting close!"

For Mother's Day Ryan got me a beautiful flower arrangement and a card that says "I HOT MAMA!" That really does make a pregnant lady feel good. When you wake up in the morning and you never know what to wear. Things are constantly not fitting you anymore. You just want to stay inside so you don't have to worry about getting dressed. Though you know that your don't look your best your hubby still finds you quite attractive makes a pregnant lady smile!

Seeing Haley grow and accomplish so much makes this pregnant lady smile! When she smiles I can't help but smile. She has such a cute personality!

Finding out that my Brother and Sister in laws and their family are coming for our new baby Schwartz's baby blessing makes me smile. What fun that will be to see them again. I know that that will be a fun time.

Family and pictures make me smile!!! :D I am so very happy right now!! I am so blessed.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Ryan didn't hear anything about that job and doesn't have a lot of hope at the moment of getting it. He is still going to work hard where he is and look for more opportunities. Ryan was having a stressful day at work. I was able to bring sandwiches, chips, fruit, and some water to the park where he was working. He was able to stop and have lunch. We stopped and had dinner. Then for the rest of the time we played at the park. It was so pretty outside. It was quite relaxing. Ryan even took Haley to the slides and let me lay on the blanket in the grass for a while. It was nice not walking around and just laying there enjoying the breeze and the day.

Not taken at the park but still this week!


We got a cute little bunny named Daisy. She is very well behaved. She came potty trained/house trained. We just let her jump around our house. We haven't had any issues with her. Haley loves the bunny and it's funny to have an animal around the house that is pretty low maintenance, family friendly!


I only have 7 weeks left of being pregnant. I hope the baby comes on the sooner side of life then the later. I could be happy at 39 weeks!! I am trying to V-BAC so I need my body to go into labor naturally. Never done that before! Last time I was walking around 90% effaced and 3 dilated. My body was kinda figuring it out. Haley couldn't tolerate the tiniest of contraction so I am hoping this baby can. I would like to do an all natural V-BAC. Who really knows what will happen. I just hope everything turns out well.

32 Weeks and still counting

Haley playing with sticks in our woodpile!